1. Donate

This project aims to use that money to make tangible ground work difference
in the lifes of the refugee children. Through direct connection with the camp officials met along the way, the collected money will be used to directly
make a difference in n the live of the children, in accordance to the
donation amount raised in each campaign.

We welcome ideas and suggestion on how you
think we can best help the children!

2. SEND an act of kindness

Whether it is a letter, a drawing, a small gift or anything you believe
can put a smile on their face, please fill this form and we will
get back to you to make it happen.

3. let's do it together


If you have any ideas where you want to work together through art, or
you would like to partner in any way to work towards any of the issues
the children are facing, or if you want to help take this project a step further,
please don't hesitate to talk to us!


I'm delighted that you visited our website. However, we realized you didn't make a donation at this time. We understand you and know that it is important for you to understand how your donation will benefit these children.

Please feel free to contact us about any questions regarding donations and their transparency, or any other concerns you have.

We would love to have you onboard!